Web & Shop Applications

  • Internet Portals and Platforms
  • Online Shops
  • Individual Enterprise Solutions
  • API Development
  • Integration into an existing infrastructure
  • Extension Development
  • Optimized Hosting and Support

Mobile Apps

  • Native and Cross-Platform App Development
  • for iOS and Android
  • IoT Integration
  • Bluetooth Connectivity with industry devices
  • Integration of OpenGL and OpenCV

Industry 4.0

  • Solutions based on Distributed Ledger Technologies (IOTA)
  • Industry Marketplace
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Research and Prototyping

IctReport Control Panel
Development of the IXI-Plugin Report.ixi together with Anton Wiklund for the Iota Controlled Agent (Ict) with the goal to report node information to external services. We created the IctReport Website to monitor the network infrastructure and to identify connection problems.

Smart eBike
Prototype, Integration of sensor devices and  a bicycle lock with bluetooth connectivity. Secure data transfer over MAM (Masked Authenticated Messaging), Development for MCUs (STM32, ESP32) with Integration of the IOTA Framework.

Part of a Project in the area of logistics (Integration of AI and the IOTA Industry Marketplace).

IOTA Vending Machine
…sell your product with IOTA and send the machine data to the Tangle.

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We can create IoT applications, which are integrated with the next generation of an ecosystem with IOTA and powered with AI.

We have a team specialized in Data Science to take advantage of continuous stream of raw data to turn them into meaningful business insights and to automate the decision making process with the help of ML, Deep Learning & NLP. Our intelligent IoT products not only predict and forecast but also they can communicate with you or with your customers just like a human being such as interactive systems/voice assistants. You can enrich your lifestyle by enabling smart intelligent products at your hand. Our team also knows how to transfer the data securely and data management.

We are qualified and certified.

Tristan Feldbusch


Katharina Kraus

Dipl.-Medieninformatikerin (FH)

Steffen Kraus

Dipl.-Kaufmann (FH)

Prabhu Kumar Reddy Appalapuri

Master in Digital Engineering

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